Communication Consulting

Weiner Communications offers communications solutions that contribute to achieve business objectives and to strengthen your organizations reputation and trust.
Weiner Communications finds communication solutions that can contribute to achieve the business goals and support the business strategy. We work to build and maintain the organizations’ reputation capital, suggest solutions and contribute to their implementation.

Weiner Communications operates in roles as advisors, interim manager and project manager. We work out a suitable strategy and plan for your internal or/and external communications based on your company’s business plan and goals. We also offer help to put communication plan into action.

This is how we work
We learn and adopt quickly into our client’s corporate culture and business, and we place great emphasis on creating and nurturing relationships.

  • We learn about the business, business strategy, goals and how the company earns its profit
  • We work out a suitable strategy and plan for your internal or/and external communications
  • We clarify the objective and the effect of communication and ensure it supports the business objectives
  • We ensure that communications activities support the communication strategy and business strategy
  • We ensure that the communications activities can contribute to achieving the company’s business goals and strengthen your business reputation and trust
  • We ensure the right choice of channels and sender, which is crucial for building trust over time

It is equally important HOW you communicate as WHAT you communicate.

Clients and assignments
Our clients are organizations, agencies and companies in various industries.
Examples of assignments: Strategies, communication plans, branding, communication of changes, formulation of message, audience analysis, selection of communication channels, measurement and evaluation of communication activities and coaching.