camilla människorThrough coaching you will find the way to change and develop. Weiner Communications Coaching is based on goal-setting and action. By acting in a new way, you can both achieve your goals and experience a different result.

During my twenty years as a leader, I have developed a coaching leadership and had the privilege to coach a number of employees and colleagues, says Camilla Weiner, CEO and owner of Weiner Communications.

Starting to develop and run positive change, both at the individual and organizational level, Camilla Weiner offers coaching to businesses and individuals.

Coaching for Leaders
To be effective as a leader or key person, you know how to use your whole personality to build relationships and development of your surroundings. You as a leader must help to get into action and make decisions that are creative and effective for both yourself and your organization. In coaching, change thinking and development is crucial.

The result of coaching can be internal insights that can involve forces, roles and values. It gives a clear picture of the future that provides an awareness of what you want to achieve in your professional role and how to get there. Coaching also helps to create the means to transform vision into goals, ability to handle obstacles and help to think of new ways. This leads to better performance and higher productivity through better use of people’s skills and resources, as individuals and in teams.

Executive Coaching
The focus is on awareness and maximize your strengths and your potential as a leader and manager. An experienced and professional coach can give you more ways to think by highlighting other perspectives and possibilities, which can be redemptive. How you tackle challenges and how you meet and lead is crucial. It requires a balanced life where other roles also have space and creates energy in life.

Career Coaching is an equal share of coaching and counseling. Coaching will lead to the right role, tasks and contexts so that you take advantage of your potential and may develop. The climb is only one way to develop – and it’s not always right.
Overall goal is to increase self-awareness – to discover more of you and your potential. Provide insights into current and future work, function, organization and environment.

Coaching is aimed at those who want more out of life, who want to develop and explore their potential. For those who want to see and experience life as a development regardless if you are in school or retired. Coaching liberates your inner strength and makes you create goals and meaning in life, and can also boost your drive and motivation. Coaching based on exploring your inner potential helps you to highlight resources you did not know existed in yourself.


Camilla Weiner is certified according the International Coach Federation (ICF). Weiner Communications Coaching is based on the ICF Code of Ethics. According to them, the coach is responsible for the calls between the client and the coach kept confidential.

Read more about the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.